Thursday, August 4, 2011

Color Palettes

Have you thought about wedding colors yet? This isn't a priority, and I didn't have a color palette to start, but I thought this site was helpful for some color inspirations. And when you pick a month to get married, you can use the seasons to inspire you too! Let me know if you like any!

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  1. hey dee dee! i want to post stuff on here too! can i?

    we are now thinking labor day weekend 2012...i know its a bit rough for mom with work but if she tells them a year in advance that should be ok and maybe pao could still come..the weather is still gorg and everyone in poland thought itd be better too (like szymon and kamila and piotrek wouldnt be able to come in june anyway because they have flights should be cheaper and it gives us more time which makes me really happy lol)

    LOVE this website btw!